Cross Canada Tour Days 2&3 – Friendly Manitoba

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Late yesterday afternoon, we pulled into Friendly Manitoba. I have only been to Manitoba once before and I didn’t really give the province a fair shake. I had been on the road for six or seven days already and I wasn’t feeling very well. In fact, I was feeling awful. All of this to say, my impressions of Manitoba were poor at best.


As I do, I tried to come into Manitoba this time with a fresh mindset and wanted to give it a chance to redeem itself (or more appropriately a chance to redeem myself). Let me tell you, Manitoba is beautiful. We have been fortunate enough to stay with friends of a friend and they are the most lovely people I have ever met. They could single handedly give Manitoba the moniker “Friendly Manitoba”. We have our own little camper to stay in and as I speak there are chocolate chip oatmeal cookies being baked…life is good.


Last night, I played at Sam’s Place in Winnipeg with a band that are becoming close friends, A Yellow Field. We originally met in Toronto and happened to be on tour at the same time and in the same place so we decided to do an event together. I can honestly say it was a magical night. A Yellow Field opened the night up with their own unique brand of  bluegrass and I followed it up with whatever it is that I do. The crowd was fantastic and so attentive. It really is a treat when I get to play to a crowd that is so appreciative of what I am doing.


So to all of you who showed up in Winnipeg last night, thank you. You truly make my job so enjoyable and so rewarding. I always count myself fortunate that I get to travel this country and meet new and old friends and entertain them.


Below I have left you a group photo of Trisha (my wife) and I with A Yellow Field after the show.


Until next time, thanks for reading!


Today’s Soundtrack:

Tallest Man on Earth


Featured Track:

Love is All


This is such a profoundly beautiful song. Up to this point I haven’t heard much Tallest Man on Earth (I know that I’m behind the times) but I am so in love with this track. I find myself getting swept up in the images and in the emotion with which he conveys his lyrics and images. It is most certainly worth the listen, especially if you are like me and are so far behind the times.


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