There are days where all you want is to hear is a well-written song. Toronto-based songwriter Tucker Green is the embodiment of that craving, thriving on carefully crafted, but beautifully executed, storytelling that walks the fine line between country and Americana. 

Green has been writing songs for 13 years, but in 2008, he left a stable job with a steady pay cheque to take the risk and actually pursue music. He made songwriting and putting funds together to record his full-time job and got into the studio as soon as he could to create Halfway to Daylight, Green’s first full-length album. The project was produced by well-respected West coast producer Jonathan Anderson (Stabilo, Aiden Knight), mastered by Ed Brooks (Death Cab for Cutie, Cat Power) and became a coming of age story both in the album’s theme and for Green’s career.

The record is a long overdue reflection of Green’s growing résumé in the music industry. His credits include co-writing two songs on the independently released film Sharp As Marbles and touring Canada and the United States both as a session player and a solo artist. Green’s time in the studio has been split between working on his own music and producing and co-writing with other artists such as Andrew Marcus and Krystle Aspenlind.

Green writes satisfying tunes, evoking a sense of nostalgia by way of familiarity without staleness. He introduces you to characters you recognize and are instantly invested in. You feel moments of concern in their struggles and relief in their successes. Songs like “Senior Year” compel you to open up your sunroof and let the summer hit you, while “All or Nothing” allows subtle string arrangements to carry you through its relaxing melodies.

Since Halfway to Daylight’s release in the summer of 2010, Green has driven over 40,000 kilometres, promoting the album by playing shows in houses, cafés, bars, and halls, connecting with local radio and press. The response to the recordhas been overwhelmingly positive after the long haul he made to write and record it.

Green’s literal hard work when it comes to pursuing a career in music shows up in his songs and to his benefit. Fans connect with his story because it is based in real life and ideas that transfer into anyone’s story. “The only way to do a music career is to be hardworking,” said Green. “It ‘s difficult to write about trying to escape a small town when you’re not actually doing it. People pick up on insincerity.”

So that’s what he did. Green left his hometown of Langley, BC and drove out to Toronto. The road trip with shows along the way was titled the “Home to Home” tour and included stops in Calgary, Winnipeg, and Thunder Bay before setting up shop in his new home city.

Tucker Green will continue to bring his dusty Americana songs with him as he gains a following in Toronto through performing in as many live venues as he can get his hands on.